Peak Learning founder and Managing Director, Zac Zaharias is a highly skilled instructional designer and training systems expert with professional qualifications from Florida State University, one of the leading institutions in the field of instructional design. His in-depth technical knowledge of systems thinking, learning theories, educational psychology and change management provide a sound basis for analysing, designing and implementing effective programs.

Zac has over 40 years professional experience that is diverse, ranging from being a commanding officer of an Army Reserve Engineer Regiment of 400 personnel; a three-time Mt Everest expedition leader and climber; an outdoor guide and outdoor industry expert covering many pursuits; and a private sector consultant who has successfully analysed, designed and delivered training for a range of sectors.

Zac is able to draw on his personal experience in leading and working with high performing teams—many in high-risk environments—to go beyond the theory and provide hands-on, practical training.

He also understands that people are often in different stages of change when he meets them, and he brings an empathy and understanding to his program design and delivery that steps people through change processes so that they feel empowered.

Peak Learning has a number of specialist consultants, training analysts, coaches and training developers who undertake the following services:

  • conducting a performance or training needs analysis to assess specific training, learning and educational requirements.
  • evaluate organisational learning solutions
  • develop high performing teams
  • develop capable and effective leaders
  • inspire people to peak performance.
Peak Learning