Where is the Kokoda track?

The Kokoda Track stretches over 96 km, from Kokoda village south towards Papua New Guinea’s capital, Port Moresby. The track traverses the Owen Stanley Range, the natural barrier that protects Port Moresby. The track has some of the steepest and most rugged terrain imaginable. This trek offers you the opportunity to experience Papua New Guinea’s pristine environment from lowland jungle to upper montane forest and back again, at the gentle pace of the local culture. The Kokoda Track is a challenging hike in its own right. It is a journey every Australian should make.

Your journey with Peak Learning Adventures begins and ends in the capital, Port Moresby. On the track, there is time to enjoy the scenery, culture, history and unique overall experience. We take the time to visit war relics in the jungle and the impressive Myola Lakes off the main trails. We aim to allow you to stretch your boundaries safely with excellent support systems in place.

Our clients say we provide the best-quality Kokoda Track experience available. We provide a full camping-style trek, your own personal porter, sleeping in individual tents and eating nutritious meals prepared from local fresh foods by our talented cooking team.

We cater for small groups (5-12 people only) and we offer a very personalised experience. This will give you a vastly different experience of the track than that provided by many other tour operators, who take up to 40 participants and 100 porters in one group!

Our standard Kokoda package completes the walk in 8 days with a personal porter provided to every trekker. This allows time to enjoy the scenery, culture and environment without the pressure of needing to be constantly on the move. For the super-fit and time poor, we can run a fast Kokoda trip in 6 or 7 days. Please contact us if you have any special requirements.

Peak Learning Adventures Limited (PNG) is registered as an Overseas Company in PNG and has partnered with Tropic Tours Ltd, a fully owned and domiciled PNG Tour Operator. Tropic Tours is a licenced Kokoda trek Operator with the Kokoda Track Authority, licence number KTA 025. Peak Learning Adventures provides overall trek leadership, military historians, safety and management. The majority of the PNG staff come from Sogeri, Kokoda and Kumasi villages located along the Kokoda Track in Oro and Central Provinces.

A journey into Australian History

A trek of the Kokoda Track is a journey into Australian history to understand the pivotal part Kokoda played in the formation of Australia as a nation. For the first time, in 1942, Australian soldiers fought the Japanese army on (what was then) Australian soil – Kokoda. You can walk in the steps of the stoic diggers.

Courage, Endurance, Mateship and Sacrifice symbolise the unbreakable spirit of the Australian soldiers and the coming of age of Australia in its own right. These four values are carved onto four granite pillars at the impressive Isurava Memorial. During the trek we conduct a very moving and memorable dawn service where we pay our respects to the fallen.

Walking the Kokoda Track with our Kokoda historians, who have a wealth of historical knowledge, will give you the opportunity to understand these symbolic words and to take your reflections back home with you. For example, during the Owen Stanley campaign, 625 Australian diggers lost their lives in defence of their country. The historical background is an important part of Peak Learning Adventure’s Kokoda Track experience and we aim to help you understand its significance.

9 different treks

Trek Dates

  • Kokoda: 14-25 Jul 24
  • Everest 3 Passes: 12 Oct-2 Nov 24
  • Kokoda: 13-24 Oct 24
  • 3 Valleys: 1-5 Nov 24
  • Mt Kilimanjaro: 24 Nov-3 Dec 24
  • Mt Aconcagua: 7-24 Jan 25
  • Ten Peaks: 21-25 Mar 25
  • Mt Victoria, PNG: 7-22 Jun 25
  • Kokoda: 16-27 Jul 25
  • Kokoda: 11-22 Oct 25
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