Aconcagua 360 Traverse

The Aconcagua (6962 m) Expedition via the Polish Traverse is often referred to as the False Polish Glacier Route or the 360-route. It is a beautiful high-altitude climb and should not to be confused with the Polish Glacier route on Aconcagua, which is a serious high altitude climb suitable for very experienced climbers only. The Traverse goes below the glacier and involves climbing similar to the normal route. It does not involve, however, any hiking on the glacier. After our ascent we will descend into the Horcones Valley and return to our starting point at the small town of Puente del Inca by a different route, thus completing a circumnavigation of the mountain.

With the opportunity to see all aspects of the mountain and reach the highest point in South America, this surely ranks among our most rewarding expeditions. This trip offers participants the chance to test their endurance at high altitude without the complexities of glacier travel, but still in a full-blown expedition context. And, for those desiring to go on to carry out Himalayan expeditions to the 8000-metre giants, this climb provides excellent training and experience at higher altitudes.

All of your equipment is carried to base camp by mules. We follow the philosophy of “climb high, sleep low” as we establish a series of higher camps while ascending Aconcagua. We have also included numerous inclement weather days in the schedule to allow more time to attempt the summit. These factors enable proper acclimatization and greatly increase our chances of success.

As this is a traverse, involving climbing up one route and descending via a different one, Peak Learning Adventures ensures maximum safety with two guides.

9 different treks

Trek Dates

  • Sita Chuchura: 7-30 Oct 22
  • Blue Mountains: 4-8 Nov 22
  • Ten Peaks: 11-15 Nov 22
  • Mt Kilimanjaro: 28 Nov-7 Dec 22
  • Mt Aconcagua: 5-24 Jan 23
  • Ten Peaks: 17-21 Feb 23
  • Sita Chuchura: 13 Apr-7 May 23
  • Mt Victoria: 10-25 Jun 23
  • Kokoda: 1-12 Jul 23