Conducting a performance or training needs analysis is a proactive step for organisations to assess their specific training requirements. Training is often seen as the default solution to a performance problem but it alone cannot improve performance unless interrelated factors are identified and addressed. A needs analysis is a vital first step in identifying the skills required by the workforce and the factors that contribute to good performance before implementing the right mix of training and non-training solutions. Peak Learning uses the systems approach to training with the ADDIE model at its core (analysis, design, develop, implement and evaluate).


Conducting a training needs analysis gives organisations a more realistic picture of their workforce capabilities. It also saves more time, money and resources in the long-term by making sure that training is targeted and addresses strategic needs.

Our Approach

A Peak Learning training needs analysis will:

  • align training solutions to business outcomes
  • identify the target audience
  • develop learning outcomes
  • identify the most effective methods and media
  • establish evaluation and assessment frameworks
  • advise on the most cost-effective approach.

Peak Learning provides a total solution that includes:

  • curriculum design
  • developing assessment tools
  • evaluation of training programs including transfer, impact and results
  • complete training package documentation
  • alignment with units of competency.

As a member of a very professional and coherent team you have helped deliver to Defence a product that you should be very proud of. I am certainly proud of your work, and I would have no hesitation in working with you at any time in the future. Zac, thank you.

Group Captain Wayne Johnston, Training Needs Analysis

Peak Learning