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Peak Learning is a small business focusing on customised trekking and expeditions to the Himalayas, Papua
New Guinea, Mt Aconcagua in Argentina and Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The Himalayas has been our playground
for nearly 40 years. Papua New Guinea is at Australia’s doorstep and offers genuine wilderness trekking in an
untouched landscape free from modern intrusions. Many of our Papua New Guinea treks are battlefield
tours of the major campaigns during the Pacific War, including the world-famous Kokoda Track.

We have an impeccable record for quality, safety, fun, adventure and learning. Our groups are small
(between 4 and 12 people), and our treks are designed to cater to your needs — whether you are first
venturing into the mountains or jungle, or you are a seasoned climber returning for another challenge.


A trek of the Kokoda Track is a journey into Australian history.

Papua New Guinea

A multitude of adventure and cultural activities


One of the most dramatic landscapes on the planet.


Tanzania’s No 1 landmark.

9 different treks

Trek Dates

  • Kokoda: 14-25 Jul 24
  • Everest 3 Passes: 12 Oct-2 Nov 24
  • Kokoda: 13-24 Oct 24
  • 3 Valleys: 1-5 Nov 24
  • Mt Kilimanjaro: 24 Nov-3 Dec 24
  • Mt Aconcagua: 7-24 Jan 25
  • Ten Peaks: 21-25 Mar 25
  • Mt Victoria, PNG: 7-22 Jun 25
  • Kokoda: 16-27 Jul 25
  • Kokoda: 11-22 Oct 25
5 climatic zones

Mt Kilimanjaro

While climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, you travel through all of the climatic zones found on earth, with a temperature range of +30 C at the base of the mountain to -20 C on the summit.

Ice cap with remnants of glaciers

5000m upwards

Alpine desert


Heath and moorland


Montane forest


Cultivation Zone


life-changing experiences

Learning and growing
through adventure with Peak Learning

One of our underlying philosophies is to educate, teach and allow individuals to learn and grow through the medium of adventure. We feel that empowering our clients makes their experience more meaningful and long-lasting.

Many of our clients have returned from our expeditions feeling fully recharged from hectic lifestyles. Others have found them to be life-changing experiences.

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There’s an amazing planet out there

Our team of experienced
high-altitude guides

We have, on our team, Australia’s most experienced high-altitude climbers and
guides. Between them, they have reached the summit of all 8,000 metre peaks
on earth, with a combined total of 29 summits (including six of Mt Everest).

We are experts at managing risk and supporting expeditions to remote areas.
We ensure that our trips provide a wonderful culinary experience and relatively
comfortable accommodation, as our clientele appreciate being looked after.



Mt Everest summits

reached the summit of all


metre peaks on earth




The grandest view of Everest

Mera Peak

Mera Peak (6476 m) is located in the Hinku Valley, east of Mt Everest, and is the highest “trekking” peak in Nepal. It is a great trek for first-time climbers and trekkers. The view from the Mera Peak summit is one of the most amazing vistas in the world, with four of the five highest mountains in the world in full view.

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We feel that empowering our clients makes their experience more meaningful and long-lasting.

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