Our Difference

People are at the heart of an organisation. Dynamic teams enable us to work together for the common good and effective leadership inspires us to go beyond what we thought we could do. Peak Learning understands what makes effective teams and how to achieve amazing results.

What We Offer

Team building

Our approach in building effective teams is to blend theory with practice, using experiential learning methods. The theory covers the fundamentals of effective teams, identification of the key success factors, and focus on clear communication. We then put these elements into practice through a range of scenarios that bring to life the complex dynamics that make up teams. Our facilitators have a wealth of experience and powerful debriefing provides the insights to enable the individuals and the team to go to higher levels of performance.


We can’t lead others unless we can manage and understand ourselves. Fundamental to leadership development is self-awareness and self-differentiation. We use psychometric tools such as Myers-Briggs, Team Management Systems and DiSC that provide insight into our preferred way of working. We also conduct scenario-based activities where participants get hands-on experience as leaders, enabling powerful learning to occur through observation, reflection and debriefing. You can’t learn leadership by PowerPoint, and our programs take you to the next level of performance.


Like the high-performance athlete, we all need coaching to help us establish effective patterns of behaviour and to break through barriers to performance. The relationship between the coach/mentor and the client is vital. Our experienced coaches and mentors are friendly, empathetic and insightful.

Personal development through outdoor adventure

Through Peak Learning Adventures, we also specialise in personalised adventures in an outdoor environment—a unique place where nature sets the rules and where we need to adapt. An expedition, whether it be a Kokoda track walk or a trek in the Himalayas is a journey into the unknown. As Sir Edmund Hillary said about climbing mountains: “We don’t conquer mountains, we conquer ourselves”. Take on one of our physically and emotionally challenging journeys and learn things about yourself that are only possible when tested to your limits in a challenging and unfamiliar environment. We will customise the adventure to suit your needs.

Peak Learning