A multitude of adventure and cultural activities

Papua New Guinea is at our doorstep and contains one of the most pristine natural environments in the world. Trekking, diving, snorkeling, canoeing, climbing and battlefield tours are just some of the many adventure activities you can experience in this trek.

Peak Learning Adventures runs customised and personalised treks to Papua New Guinea, including the many battlefield treks such as Kokoda Track, Shaggy Ridge, the Northern Beaches, Tol Plantation and many more locations off the beaten track. Our treks can also be combined with other outdoor and cultural activities, such as the Mt Hagen and Lake Kutubu Cultural Shows to make your adventure memorable.

Wilderness trek to Mt Victoria (4038 m)

One of the most extraordinary wilderness treks in Papua New Guinea is to Mt Victoria (4,038 m) — the highest peak in the Owen Stanley Ranges and the seventh-highest peak in Papua New Guinea. Our treks in 2016 and 2017 were only the fifth and sixth expeditions to Mt Victoria since Governor Sir William McGregor climbed it in 1889.

Mt Victoria is visible from the Kokoda Track, and dominates the entire range to the west. The trek takes you through landscape that is very different form what you would expect in tropical Papua New Guinea. This 12 day trek commences from Kanga Village, 10 km northwest of Kokoda, and takes you through pristine jungle and then up into the sub-alpine terrain, visiting two glacial lakes at 3,600 m. The landscape looks pre-historic, in places, and is dominated by tree ferns and grasslands.

There are over 140 rhododendron species in Papua New Guinea and this walk allows us to see a number of these as well as wide range of orchids, birds and animals. The view from the Mt Victoria summit is breathtaking, with both Papua New Guinea coastlines clearly visible. This trek is off the beaten track and showcases the raw beauty of one of the most

Climb one of the volcanic seven summits

Mt Giluwe (4,367 m) is the second highest mountain in Papua New Guinea and is located in the Southern Highlands. Ancient volcanic plugs form its two summits, with a central peak being the highest, and an east peak 2 kilometres away being 4,300 m. Mt Giluwe has the distinction of being the highest volcano on the Australian continent and Oceania, and is thus one of the volcanic seven summits — the highest volcanoes on each of the seven continents.

9 different treks

Trek Dates

  • Kokoda: 14-25 Jul 24
  • Everest 3 Passes: 12 Oct-2 Nov 24
  • Kokoda: 13-24 Oct 24
  • 3 Valleys: 1-5 Nov 24
  • Mt Kilimanjaro: 24 Nov-3 Dec 24
  • Mt Aconcagua: 7-24 Jan 25
  • Ten Peaks: 21-25 Mar 25
  • Mt Victoria, PNG: 7-22 Jun 25
  • Kokoda: 16-27 Jul 25
  • Kokoda: 11-22 Oct 25
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